Världens bästa hockeylag

Världens bästa hockeylag

June 4, 2018 0 By Elitserienplay

The world’s highest rated league, quality, within hockey is the NHL. This is where the best hockey team gets up and makes up for the win. NHL is also the highest league of the North American ice hockey system. The ice hockey teams that go to NHL are ranked as the absolute best. Because the league is considered to be of the highest quality, it means that the teams that make up there are the ones that are the best. If you win NHL you can be happy.

When it comes to ice hockey, it’s perhaps no secret that several of the North American hockey teams are very good and have won a lot over the years. It is far from everyone who goes straight to NHL, but several of the teams have been up in the league and fought for the win a couple of times. In addition to North America, Sweden is also considered to have several good ice hockey teams, now Sweden won World Cup gold against Switzerland during the Hockey World Cup 2018.

What are the best teams?

Since North America is well-known to have many strong and good hockey teams, it may not be surprising that all teams ranked as the world’s best come from North America. These include Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals. All of these five teams have competed in NHL and have thus been ranked as some of the absolute best hockey teams in the world.

Pittsburgh Penguins has its base in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been a member of NHL since 1967 when the organization was first formed. The Hockey team is part of the Metropolitan Division and has its home team at PPG Paints Arena. Pittsburgh Penguins have never won NHL but they have been there and played a few times. In total, the hockey team has teamed home five Stanley Cup victories, eight division champions have been appointed in the team and six players have been appointed to the Conference Champion.

Toronto Maple Leafs and Chicago Blackhawks

Toronto Maple Leafs is a Canadian ice hockey team based in Toronto, Ontario. The ice hockey team has been a member organization in NHL since the league started in 1917. There is a slightly more exclusive collection called “Original Six”, the Toronto Maple Leaf. Team homemakers are the Air Canada Center and they have won thirteen Stanley Cup victories and five players have been appointed to the Division Champion. Some of the team’s biggest players throughout the ages are Börje Salming, Johnny Bower and Rick Vaive.

In Chicago, Illinois, the ice hockey team Chicago Blackhawks is in place. This hockey team has been a member of the NHL since 1926. Like the Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago Blackhawks is also the exclusive genre called “Original Six”. The team’s homewards were opened in 1994 and is today called United Center. In Chicago Blackhawks, a total of 16 players have been awarded the Division Division and the team has won the Stanley Cup six times in total. The team has also received the award President’s Trophy twice.

Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals

In Boston, Massachusetts, the ice hockey team holds Boston Bruins as a member of NHL since Bruins was first formed in 1924. Boston Bruins was thus the first to join the NHL. Bruins also belongs to the exclusive “Original Six”, and has its home gardens at TD Garden. Along with some other hockey teams, Bruins is included in the Atlantic Division. Twenty-five players from the team have been named Divisional Champions and the team can proudly win six wins in the Stanley Cup.

In the United States of America, Washington DC, we find Washington Capitals Ice Hockey Team, which has been a member of the NHL since 1974. The Capital One Arena is their home base and has been since 1997. The team is part of the Metropolitan Division, including Pittsburgh Penguins. Capitals do not have any Stanley Cup win but have thus received several awards for their players in the team, including eleven Divisional Champions, three President’s Trophy and a Conference Champion.

The largest teams in Sweden

Even Sweden has several very good hockey teams and two teams that have been named the best in Sweden are Brynäs and HV71. Brynäs has also been named Sweden’s most popular hockey team. Brynäs is from Gävle and ice hockey has been on the agenda in the city since 1939. Brynäs plays in SHL, formerly known as Elitserien and has been doing since the series was first founded in 1975-1976. The team has become Swedish champion 13 times and has won 16 Swedish championship finals.

HV71 – Jönköping’s pride

HV71 is the ice hockey team coming from Jönköping, at the foot of Lake Vättern. The team was formed in 1971 when two smaller clubs were merged. The ice hockey team has its home gardens in Kinnarps Arena, located in the Rosenlund district in Småland, Jönköping. HV71 plays, just like Brynäs, in SHL (formerly Elitserien). The team has won six Swedish championship finals and has become Swedish champion a total of five times. They have now played 29 seasons in Sweden’s highest division, the Swedish Hockey League.